Purple Governance has successfully carried out work for a wide range of clients, and below are just a few testimonials below:


Jane Owens came to advise GB on procedures during a difficult time in governance. Her advice was very much to the point, helpful and left feathers unruffled, quite an achievement in the circumstances. In the following weeks she continued to advise and support with the result that GB is in a far stronger position, to the great advantage to the school. We thank her for this, and for the unfailing patience with which she has answered many queries. (Chair of Governors)

The best part of the review was the chance to raise some difficult issues through Jane’s questioning and commentary. The chance to be honest about concerns, especially around work/life balance and making clear the accountability of governors e.g. setting agendas, approving minutes etc. (Headteacher, Primary)

They have undertaken an external review of governance by a
national leader of governance and have acted on recommendations made.(Ofsted comment)

A timely external review of governance has reinvigorated governors, refocused their attention and set them on the right track to fulfill their roles (Ofsted comment)

‘Governance is more robust and rigorous than previously as a result of governors’ work with a consultant. The number of governors has been reduced, roles and responsibilities reviewed and clarified, and procedures agreed to ensure governors challenge from a well-informed position. Ofsted Monitoring visit

As a result, the governing body has drafted an action plan and started to increase the impact they have. The Chair of the Governing Body is determined that appropriate sub-committees will be in place by November to challenge and support the school. (Headteacher)

Governor training : thank you Jane. You have truly inspired us towards grasping the bigger picture. Think we can see the way forward with greater clarity and purpose.

So overall I am very pleased with all points raised and I think it has given me a forum to really look at Governance in the school.

The session was useful and you put it across well in a style that delivered some hard messages in a non threatening way’ Headteacher ******** School

Ofsted Nov 2016: Since the recent review of governance, a revitalised and sharpened governing
body has emerged with vigour and commitment to improve the quality of education within the school even further